Star Gazing

Star Gazing

Star Gazing

By Adam D. Messer © 2019 All rights reserved.

The sunlight shrinks and is almost gone,

And the moons rise to take their throne.

Gently glowing upon my brow,

Thinking of how we were then and now.

Ever dreaming of that day,

You touched my being in a special way.

We slipped into bliss,

After you took my hand and we embraced for our gentle first kiss.

I think of you, my dear love,

But now only your star shines upon me from above.

Why did you have to go?

I begged you to stay, but you said no.

We were to be wed and married,

But the war destroyed all of the plans we carried.

They took you from me, my dear,

Now I am alone and full of fear.

Bitter tears weep as I dream of you,

Your heart protected me always right and true.

Eternally I give you my love all my days ever more,

I give you my heart, my soul and my core.

Damn you! Why did you have to go?

We could have jumped stations, but you simply said no.

You said it was right to serve and protect our home,

But what is a home, when I am all alone?

I wish I could say you were right to serve and that I agree,

But that’s not the story that my eyes see.

I will love you always as my days grow longer,

As my love for you every day grows stronger.

Rest in peace, my dearest love,

Soon my being joins you up above.

Today I ship off for my last mission,

They needed more volunteers for the expedition.

No one expects any of us to live,

That’s alright with me, because I have nothing more to give.

I signed up as quickly as I could,

For the Empire, I give my life as any rightly soldier should!

Truth be told, since is only you and me,

I give my life to be with you sweetie.

Today, my love, we will be reunited,

And share our love eternally forever undivided.


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