Celebrating a year of Blood Thrasher!

blood thrasher devils in the metal book 1 adobe cover

Blood Thrasher: The Devil’s in the Metal by Adam Messer

Today marks the one year anniversary of publishing Blood Thrasher: The Devil’s in the Metal.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey as an author of fiction over this last year.

Thank you, everyone, for your support. I could not have done this without you.

Blood Thrasher is a story about two unsuspecting heavy metal headbangers who get VIP tickets to see the band backstage. Little do they know the band is more than just into heavy metal, they are vampires looking for new blood.

I am working on the next title in the series: Blood Thrasher: Tainted Blood and will have it out by October 2019.

As a Thank you! I am giving away copies to the lucky winners! Free to enter. Hope you win!


And if you don’t win, the book is only $0.99 🙂 Support an indie author by buying the book an leaving a review 🙂





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