Left her

I remember talking with her

Before she passed

She said the words left her

She was a poet,

you know

When her time came,

She knew

She said she had no flavor for life,


Nothing was right,


She won the awards,

Attended the shows

But the light dimmed,

And she knew her time ended soon

She told me I was a champion

Believing in me, even

When I didn’t

She must have seen a spark

Now that I am a writer

I think of those days

When we would sit and talk

About the old days

She was kind

And gentle

But she was always loving with me

She knew

And told me as much

Now I can see her face

And remember her voice


I still hear you

And your words speak through me now

Greta is a poem dedicated to my Grandma Greta. We would visit and talk about a lot of things when I moved to Savannah, Georgia in 1996. She was always kind to me and encouraged me to go for it.
You can find Greta and other poems in Random Meanderings.


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