#62 – David Allen Voyles interview

#62 – David Allen Voyles – Some of the tales in David Allen Voyles’ collections of original horror stories, The Thirteenth Day of Christmas and Tales from the Hearse were those he told while conducting tours for his ghost tour company, Dark Ride Tours in Asheville, NC. Playing the role of gravedigger/storyteller Virgil Nightshade, Voyles entertained guests as they were transported to various spooky sites in a 1972 Cadillac hearse converted for that purpose. Podcast Link: http://theadammessershow.com/62-david-allen-voyles

Having taught literature for thirty years, Voyles is no stranger to weird tales and horror fiction in general. His love for authors such as Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Shirley Jackson, and Neil Gaiman as well as a lifetime obsession with Halloween ensured that it was just a matter of time before he tried his hand at publishing his own tales of terror.In addition to publishing his stories in print, he is also the creator of the horror podcast, Dark Corners, a bi-weekly broadcast of original horror stories.

Podcast: gestalt-media.com/darkcorners

Tales from the Hearse: https://www.gestalt-media.com/product-page/tales-from-the-hearse-paperback (Kindle version available on Amazon)


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