Interview with Jim Reed

#67 – Jim Reed

#67 – Jim Reed – Jim Reed talks about his new record label Fake Fangs release Pineapple Upside-Down Tape, a curated collection of 90s alternative music from Savannah, Georgia based bands and musicians.

# 133 – Winfield Strock III The Adam Messer Show

Author Winfield H. Strock III (Win) joins The Adam Messer Show to talk about the tenth anniversary of his book Red Sounding, writing, editing and more. Bio:   After a successful 23 years as a navy submariner I struggled for a new career and identity. A massive brain tumor taught me the importance of love, faith and hope. With my bride of twenty-five years beside me, I plunge headlong into my second love, writing.
  1. # 133 – Winfield Strock III
  2. # 132 – Nicholas Kaufmann part two
  3. # 132 – Nicholas Kaufmann part one
  4. # 131 – Bill Cooper
  5. # 130 – Randy Wood

We also talk a lot about creating art and The Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah.

*language warning. Some expletives are used in this podcast.


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