#80 – Erwin Chung and Michelle Cornwell-Jordan



Erwin Chung and Michelle Cornwell-Jordan – Erwin Chung is an actor, writer, director currently based out of Dallas, Tx. He enjoys working and meeting with other creative people and collaborating in not only acting, but also dancing, art, music, comics, novels and other entertainment. In his spare time, he also enjoy travelling and trying really good food! Chung’s current project is working on an semi-anthology episodic project The Rogues Gallery that will begin filming in early December 2020. www.nextedgefilms.com

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is an Author, Screenwriter, Director and Producer who enjoys writing Speculative Fiction and writing on Socially Conscious topics in unconventional ways, while
offering her stories through multiple media platforms. She has 14 New Adult (18+)/Young Adult published works and two short films, a web series, and two other projects in production through
her production company established in 2018. https://vimeo.com/4cwmediaproductions/vod_pages https://www.amazon.com/Kadupul-Brianna-R-Jordan/dp/B07FPZ9CPJ 


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