#86- David Harland Rousseau

David Harland Rousseau is a down-to-earth writer, director, and actor, and this is reflected in his work. His stories are grounded, and the salt-of-the-earth characters who inhabit his narratives are approachable, if not entirely empathetic.

The American actor is known for playing crafty, determined characters who are trusted — at least until they get their way.

David Harland Rousseau is the co-author of the best selling, “Storyboarding Essentials: How to Translate Your Story to the Screen for Film, TV, and Other Media”, published by Random House.

The award-winning illustrator teaches drawing and design courses, including “Drawing for Storyboarding”, in the School of Foundation Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design.


Podcast: http://theadammessershow.com/86-david-harland-rousseau


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