#88 – John C. Arnold and Stephen Arnold

John C. Arnold and Stephen Arnold join The Adam Messer Show with special co-host Josh Vasquez.

Podcast: https://youtu.be/w1pjAKnhtM8?sub_confirmation=1


John Arnold spent nearly a decade in Savannah, GA, attending SCAD and working in the film industry when he could. He’s always loved a good story. John is always trying to gain greater understanding of the craft though reading books and great screenplays, working on his own projects, and having conversations with other storytellers.


Stephen Arnold graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree that includes Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, and Creative Writing. He was born in Vidalia, Georgia as an ambitious sort of boy and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. After tiring of not being beaten up enough from the enlisted side, he decided to earn a commission in the same service as an officer. Stephen reads voraciously from every subject you can imagine but especially reads C.S. Lewis and considers him an intellectual mentor. He lives in Georgia with his wife, Megan.



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