Word Beat Poetry show September 2019

Adam Messer, Melanie Goldey, Apollo Hymn and Jennifer Harris


Poets Melanie Goldey, Jennifer Harris, and Apollo Hymn joined host Adam Messer on his Word Beat Poetry show. 

They shared poetry and had a deep and meaningful conversation about the impact of poetry on emotional healing and recovery.


Interview with The Audacity author Laura Loup

Laura Loup


Author Laura Loup joined me to talk about her new book The Audacity, her art, and her metaphysical shop in Savannah.

Laura Loup is a very serious humorologist with an extremely impressive BFA in animation that she promises to never actually use and an intense desire to eat orange. Not the fruit, the color. Though the fruit will do in a pinch.
She owns a metaphysical shop called Cosmic Corner in Savannah, GA with her husband and is the mildly peckish artist behind Tarot in Space. https://www.lauraloup.com/

New Podcast home


My podcast has moved!
http://adammesser.libsyn.com/ is the new home!

I will be migrating all of my old episodes over, but it will take time.

In the meantime, you can listen to the old episodes on http://www.anchor.fm/adammesser

Why did I move the podcast?

I wanted more control over my distribution of the podcast. Anchor.fm is a great way to get the podcast out there, but they do not let you control the content on your other pages.

I will be hosting my podcast on Libsyn from now on.

Thank you for your continued support, and please subscribe to my email newsletter!


New York Times best selling author Gary John Bishop

Gary John Bishop joins host Adam Messer on WRUU 107.5 FM Savannah to discuss his latest books and urban philosophy.

Gary John Bishop is the New York Times best-selling author – Unfu*k Yourself, Stop Doing That Sh*t. Wake up artist to the perennially unconscious.

Listen live at 4 pm EST on http://www.wruu.org and listen to the podcast of the episode on  https://soundcloud.com/adammesser/gary-john-bishop-interview-with-adam-messer

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What’s News with Adam Messer

Adam Messer what the night taught meWhat’s News with Adam Messer
I am building a newsletter where I will talk about my writing, radio show interviews, and upcoming events.
Why now?
I want to help other people with my writing and I am putting more stuff on my website adammesser.net
Right Now is a great time to do it.
Why email?
Email is a better way to communicate with people. Social media is great, but email will give me a chance to communicate with people one on one directly. I will still be using social media, just focusing on my author stuff on my website.
Also, if you sign up, you get a free copy of Blood Thrasher, the Devil’s in the Metal pdf e book.

My new Newsletter!

Adam Messer holding up his poetry book What the night taught me. Background is at the WRUU 107.5 FM Savannah studio.

Author Adam Messer at the WRUU 107.5 FM Savannah studios at the Word Beat Poetry hour

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My newsletter is bi-weekly, and never an ounce of spam, although I do love a good SPAM burger. I don’t push sales, or try to sell you my next big program. I’m an author, so I am going to send you links to stuff I have available and let you know when my next book is out, but my goal is to build relationships with people who enjoy my work, not build numbers.

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