Interview with Jim Reed

#30 – Jim Reed : Jim Reed is a journalist, and founder of Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah and Savannah Confidential Walking Tours.

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Author Bobby Nash

29 – Bobby Nash – Bobby Nash is an award-winning author.

#29 – Bobby Nash – Bobby Nash is an award-winning author. We continued the conversation from Episode 28 about Bobby’s Snow Series and writing.

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Bobby Nash and Stuart Guaffi on The Adam Messer Show

We have a great episode talking with Author Bobby Nash and Stuart Gauffi about voice acting and audiobooks.

28 – Bobby Nash and Stuart Gauffi : Author Bobby Nash and voice actor Stuart Gauffi talk about audiobooks for Nash’s Snow series.

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Dear Depression

Going through a difficult time?
Like Churchill said “If you’re going through hell, keep going!”

I deal with a lot of different issues. Frustrating, aggravating, and I work on managing the stress as much as I can. Some days are more overwhelming than others. I have good days as well, but it’s easy to do great when you’re having a great day.

It’s on those bad days when I have to push through and remember what I’m doing it all for.

I’ve almost given up multiple times in my life. Thought I wouldn’t see another day. I’ve had depression since I was 12 or 13. I have anger issues, anxiety, and a general self-loathing that looms over my entire existence. I deal with this every day.

Yes. On my good days. On my bad days. Do you want to know what gets me through? I have the desire to do better for my family, and the love for them.

I set goals, and bury myself in my work. I don’t talk about my depression with people, but there are a few people that know me that know that I have depression.

Don’t get me wrong, I have good feelings as well, and I work really hard not to let myself fall down in the hole.

I have learned how to restructure my internal dialogue, I’ve tried meditation, exercise, drinking, medication prescribed by a doctor, art, writing, escapism, you name it.

I have read many books on leadership and self-development.

I have stood up for myself and others against harassment and bullying. I have offered encouragement to others who have been suicidal, and depressed.

I have lost friendships over it. Either because they were afraid, or simply didn’t want to deal with me after they found out I had depression. The stigma of depression is a heavy weight to bear.

It’s only been the last 10 years or so but I felt more comfortable having those conversations about depression with myself and with others.

I watched the video yesterday that I shared about Kerwin Rae, and I listen to his podcast. His friend was talking about how freeing it was to be open and honest with people about his depression and addiction.

I don’t like to think of myself as being a broken person, I like to view myself as a work in progress.

It’s one of the reasons why I’m able to identify with other people who are dealing with mental health issues. The funny thing is, there’s no one solve it all for everybody. What works for one person may work for another, or it may not. It’s not a “take two aspirin and call me in the morning “kind of solution.

One of things that has helped me is grit. Resolving not to give up when everything seems lost. I often think about Churchhill’s “If you’re going through hell, keep going!”

I failed at a lot of things in my life. I’ve let a lot of people down. I’ve let myself down. This isn’t going to be a happy ending kind of post. Just want to share with you that you’re not alone.



Left her

I remember talking with her

Before she passed

She said the words left her

She was a poet,

you know

When her time came,

She knew

She said she had no flavor for life,


Nothing was right,


She won the awards,

Attended the shows

But the light dimmed,

And she knew her time ended soon

She told me I was a champion

Believing in me, even

When I didn’t

She must have seen a spark

Now that I am a writer

I think of those days

When we would sit and talk

About the old days

She was kind

And gentle

But she was always loving with me

She knew

And told me as much

Now I can see her face

And remember her voice


I still hear you

And your words speak through me now

Greta is a poem dedicated to my Grandma Greta. We would visit and talk about a lot of things when I moved to Savannah, Georgia in 1996. She was always kind to me and encouraged me to go for it.
You can find Greta and other poems in Random Meanderings.