The Silvers Special Edition

The Silvers Special Edition: We had some playback issues of the songs when I interviewed Mick Orton from The Silvers. I wanted the audience to hear the music the way it was intended. This is a special presentation of the four songs we played on air on November 15, 2020.



by Adam Messer
© 2020

Oscar Roberts had a funny peculiarity about the way he arranged his things. Nothing out of order, or at least the order to which he arranged them. He inspected his things and had to have a perfect version of the thing, lest he disregard it for the trash. For example, he loved his books more than he loved reading them. He collected volume upon volume of his favorite titles, often more than one copy of a particular printing.

He also collected toys. Not just any toys, but antique wind-up tin tinker toys which made all sorts of bells and whistles brim from the stroke of a key. Oscar delighted winding the mechanism and watching the little automatons run about aimlessly. Aimlessly to the average onlooker, but not to Oscar. He knew each toy had a life of its own, and a story to share.

Who was the little child who gasped for joy when they opened the ornately wrapped present on Christmas morning? Oscar especially loved the tinker toys that were well worn, but worked. Those were the ones had once brought a smile to the child’s face, much like his own.

Now with little time to spare, Oscar spent more time tracking down his tinker toys, often traveling great distances to meet the owner. He took the train, since he did not drive, and often he sat alone on the long rides. He didn’t mind though, as he would imagine the story behind the toy and the child who owned it he was going to collect.

But alas, it was rare for Oscar to meet the owner of many of the tinker toys. Their time had come and gone. Family members with greed in their eyes and hunger on their lips only wanted a quick transaction. Most cared more about selling the tinker toy than they did about the loved one who had owned it.

Oscar would ask who owned the toy originally. When he could find out the name, he named the tinker toy after them. Margery, Bill, Roy, or Cathy. Oscar delighted in collecting their names as much as he did collecting their once prized possession.

“How quickly do you think we can process this estate sale?”

“I feel we can find a buyer within a couple of weeks based on the rare and extensive pieces in this collection, Mr. Roberts.”

“Oh really? That sounds good. And you can handle the processing of the estate sale paperwork? How long will it take to process?”

“We handle the process from start to finish. It may take a few weeks. Once you authorize the sale, the payment will process, and the transaction will be completed, Mr. Roberts.”

“Thank you! Otherwise I would have no clue how to get rid of Uncle Oscar’s stuff.”

Terry Drehmel rides in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

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Jay Harris interview

#65 – Jay Harris

Jay Harris is a singer, song writer, and vocal producer. Jay began his career in musical theater gracing stages across the country starring in various principle roles, including his Emma Kelly Award winning performance as CC White in the Broadway musical Dreamgirls.

Always having had an affinity for music and entertainment, he used this experience to navigate the entertainment industry, particularly in the area of songwriting and composition. This area of expertise has allowed Jay to work with an array of artists in genres that span from r&b and gospel to rap/hip-hop and Pop music. He has re-purposed this platform to create spaces of opportunity in which he is able to assist aspiring talent and young professionals through mentorship and skill development. Having worked closely with seasoned industry professionals behind the scenes, Jay has combined his experience and applied it to his latest efforts in his solo music career.

Jay recently released his first single from the upcoming EP. The single is entitled “Falling Tonight” it’s an infusion of soulful melodies paired with contemporary instruments and details a mutual understanding between two people who do not wish to fall in love.

#64 – Lenore Hart

#64 Lenore Hart – Lenore Hart is the author of eight novels, and series editor of The Night Bazaar, grew up in a somewhat-haunted house in Central Florida. She also publishes as Elisabeth Graves. Her poems and short stories appear in a variety of magazines and journals.

She’s a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts fellow, an Irish Writers Union and Centre member, and faculty in the MFA program at Wilkes University, and at the Ossabaw Island Writers Retreat. She lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with her husband, novelist David Poyer, along with two entitled cats and a pair of perpetually-disgruntled peahens. More at

Readings from THE NIGHT BAZAAR VENICE by me and story authors Aphrodite Anagnost The Cure” and David Poyer The Thousand Injuries of Fortunato. (part one podcast)

#63- Brianna R. Jordan & Domonique Green interview

#63- Brianna R. Jordan & Domonique Green – Cast Interviews Monstrum and When Androids Dream cast members Brianna R. Jordan and Domonique Green.

Brianna R. Jordan is an American actress and dancer. She is also the proprietor of BRJ Productions. Since the age of five Brianna has participated in the performing fine arts, and has been placing a primary focus on acting, dancing, and choreographing.

Domonique Green is a Texas native that has always dreamed of being an actress since the tender age of 8 years old. However, she didn’t actually start her career until the age of 13 and since then, she has done several student and feature films, one webseries, and has also written, directed, and starred in three of her own short films that have been selected to be in many film festivals while going through the circuit.

New podcast alert! #59 – Michele Tracy Berger

#59 – Michele Tracy Berger – Michele Tracy Berger is a professor, a creative writer, and a pug-lover.

Her short fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction has appeared, or is forthcoming in 100word story, Glint, FIYAH: Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, Flying South, Oracle: Fine Arts Review, Carolina Woman, Ms., The Feminist Wire, Blood and Bourbon, and various anthologies.

Her science fiction novella, “Reenu-You” was recently published by Falstaff Books. Much of her work explores psychological horror, especially through issues of race and gender.
Come visit her at her blog ‘The Practice of Creativity’

#56 – Mark Allan Gunnels and Ryan Dunn

#56 – Mark Allan Gunnels and Ryan Dunn- Author Mark Allen Gunnels and Afterlife Tours Ryan Dunn joined me to talk about Mark’s new book 324 Abercorn and all things spooky around Savannah.

324 Abercorn pre-order on Amazon