Dacre Stoker joins The Adam Messer Show

Author Dacre Stoker joins The Adam Messer Show live today from 3p – 5p EST talking about all things Dracula! He is Bram Stoker’s great-grand nephew, and an award winning author.

Tune in @wruu_107.5_savannah (www.wruu.org) Can’t listen live? Catch the #podcast later on http://www.savannahmuses.com

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Interview with Author Craig Martelle, founder of Independent Alliance of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors

img_4315The Independent Alliance of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors, IASFA, offers science fiction and fantasy indie authors an infinity premise of professionalism to hone their craft of writing. Author Craig Martelle founded the organization with the goal in mind to share resources and best practices with Indie Authors to help foster professionalism and learn key skills to become self sufficient. The only requirement to join as a member is one must have an Amazon author page. He also started a Facebookgroup for people to join.

We had the opportunity to speak with him about the new IASFA organization.


Craig Martelle’s books

Please talk about why you decided to create IASFA.

Martelle: I wanted a professional organization that helped its members be more professional, as in be self-sufficient as authors. Such an organization didn’t exist. I’ve been a member of a few and they dive deep into certain issues, but one thing they consistently didn’t do, was provide any insight into selling books. My idea of a professional is one who makes money in the business.

What is IASFA’s vision and mission?

Martelle: It’s two-fold. Help authors realize a higher level of professionalism through writing great stories that sell. “Great stories” is a term defined by readers who are willing to pay money for them. This does not mean you have to write what you don’t like (that’s too much like real work), but it does mean finding a target audience where you may have to wicker what you write to meet their desires.

What can authors experience by joining the organization? Who should join?

Martelle: I set the minimum standard to join of having an Amazon author page. If you’ve been able to finish and publish a book/story, then the conversation and discussion is a little more advanced than “How do I write a book?” I want people to have gone through the process of writing and publishing before joining. Also, understand that we already have members who are making mid six-figures a year. So to accommodate all, we will have all levels of discussion and our newsletters and readership will filter out the good from the mediocre. Not everyone gets a career in writing, but everyone can get the same chance.

What would you like to see for IASFA five years from now? Ten? In the year 3,000?

Martelle: In five years, I want to see success stories where part-time authors have fleeted up to full-time, where full-timers expand and grow. I want to see camaraderie of success as defined by happy fans. I don’t want to see drama because that doesn’t sell books. It is inevitably because of egos and envy, which we can minimize because of consistent application of basic principles and our founding principle of No Awards. The big award is the revenue one earns from their writing. In ten? We’ll see what five years brings first. In 3000? I’ll let others prognosticate that.

Please share an anecdote about your favorite childhood memory of what excited you about space and science fiction.

Martelle: Every year, we took our travel trailer from Iowa to Myrtle Beach over Memorial Day. My parents still go every year, some fifty years later. I didn’t much like the beach, so from early on, I’d sit in the trailer and read. When I was 12 or something like that, I wanted a post-apoc story with a man and his dog. I had read Andre Norton’s book called 2250 AD. A compelling book. My story was different, but I wrote one. I kept track because at that time, 30,000 words was the minimum size if one wanted to submit a story to Daw for publication. So that’s what I did. I wrote a book that was more than 30k words. And received my first rejection letters from all the publishing houses of the time:)

Who are some of your favorite authors and books?

Martelle: McCaffrey, Clarke, Howard, Norton, Heinlein, Lackey, Weis, and too many other old schoolers. I won’t listen indie authors that I read as I don’t want to be accused of favoritism, but if you watch me, I’ll promote their books when they run a sale. I’m also a huge fan of DC Fontana and her work with Gene Roddenberry to realize his vision for Star Trek (the original series). They did the best job at discussing social issues without preaching. They made it safe to talk about uncomfortable things (I’m a child of the 60s, so that’s my history).

Can you share your experience of some of the best practices you have learned as an author?

Martelle: The single greatest best practice for me is writing every day. You can’t sell what you don’t have. You can’t edit a blank page. You can’t improve your writing if you aren’t writing (or practice makes better).

You have written a series of Indie Author and Publishing books, as well as volunteer your time helping the indie author community. Please talk about the reason why you decided to give back, and how you continue to find new ways to offer help.

Martelle: I served more than twenty years in the Marine Corps through a number of different wars and turbulent times. I did things that no one should have to do. I give back for my own conscience.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

Martelle: I love me some Sci-Fi:)

Craig MartelleCraig Martelle


Amazon – author.to/Martelle

Craig’s Series:
End Times Alaska
Free Trader
Cygnus Space Opera
Terry Henry Walton Chronicles
The Bad Company

Author Mark Allan Gunnells joins The Adam Messer Show on April 12, 2020

Author Mark Allan Gunnells joins The Adam Messer Show live on 107.5 FM WRUU Savannah (www.wruu.org) on Sunday April 12, 2020 from 3 pm – 5 pm EST. Can’t listen live? Don’t worry, you can listen to the podcast after the show on http://www.savannahmuses.com

About the author

Mark Allan Gunnells loves to tell stories. He has since he was a kid, penning one-page tales that were Twilight Zone knockoffs. He likes to think he has gotten a little better since then. He loves reader feedback, and above all he loves telling stories. He lives in Greer, SC, with his husband Craig A. Metcalf.


Interview with Rachel Brune

Please tune in today for the interview with Crone Girls Press publisher Rachel Brune.

Rachel Brune

Crone Girls Press #publisher @rachelabrune joins me today at 3pm EST on @wruu_107.5_savannah to talk about their premier #horror #anthology Stories We Tell After Midnight. You don’t want to miss this terrifying show today!

Listen livestream on http://www.wruu.org or catch the #podcast later tonight. adammesser.libsyn.com or on @apple podcasts The Adam Messer Show by Adam Messer https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-adam-messer-show/id1479309409

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Growing up, Rachel A. Brune drove her mother nuts by trying out a new hobby every week, from weaving to street hockey to piano to karate. Told to pick one thing and stick with it, she decided to become a writer … and keep trying out new hobbies from fiber spinning to muay thai to medieval recreation and even fencing. Hey, it all counts as research, right?

Her first paying gig as a writer came when Rachel enlisted in the Army Reserve as a military journalist. Armed with pen, paper, camera, and weapon, she spent five years—including two tours in Iraq—writing and publishing stories about the men and women serving in the Army. After five years, and a few more hobbies here and there, Rachel left the field of military journalism and commissioned as an active duty military police officer. She now writes long and short fiction, is an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and is training for her first International-distance triathlon.

Rachel’s goal is to write engaging, entertaining fantasy set in contemporary times, peopled with characters who are flawed but unforgettable. Although she no longer writes Army news stories, she still aims to bring the military she has lived and experienced to life for reader, to do her small part to bridge the military-civilian divide.

Calling all Creators!

Join the Creators today! The Adam Messer Show interviews authors, artists and entertainers who talk about their creative works, process and overcoming Life Happens.

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Amazon Best Selling Hot New Release! Stories We Tell after Midnight

I am thrilled about being part of Rachel Brune’s Crone Girls Press horror anthology Stories We Tell after Midnight.

I am honored to be an #author in this #bestselling #hot #new #release on @amazon

But your copy today at 99 cents!


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #25,174 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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Live your best life

Live your best life. Create something today.

I have been writing a lot lately, both poetry and fiction.  I am finally starting to see the purpose of my journey.

I love helping others.  It makes me feel great to help someone. After sharing my poetry with others, I realized I can write to help others.

This is a great feeling.

So I say to you, go do that thing you want to do. Create. Write. Paint. Go run, act, or sing. Lift weights, or cook that awesome meal. Live your best life today. Don’t wait. Start today.

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Interview with Jessica Brody


Check out my interview with author Jessica Brody!

Jessica Brody is the author of more than 17 novels for teens, tweens, and adults including The Geography of Lost Things, The Chaos of Standing Still, A Week of Mondays, 52 Reasons to Hate My Father, Better You Than Me, the three books in the sci-fi Unremembered trilogy, and the newly released Sky Without Stars (a sci-fi reimagining of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, co-written with Joanne Rendell). She’s also the author of the Descendants: School of Secrets series, based on the hit Disney Channel original movie, Descendants and the LEGO Disney Princess chapter books. Jessica’s first non-fiction book, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel (a plotting guide for novelists) released in October 2018. Jessica’s books have been translated and published in over 23 countries and two are currently in development as major motion pictures. She lives with her husband and three dogs near Portland, OR

Visit her online at JessicaBrody.com. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @JessicaBrody