Jay Harris interview

#65 – Jay Harris



Jay Harris is a singer, song writer, and vocal producer. Jay began his career in musical theater gracing stages across the country starring in various principle roles, including his Emma Kelly Award winning performance as CC White in the Broadway musical Dreamgirls.

Always having had an affinity for music and entertainment, he used this experience to navigate the entertainment industry, particularly in the area of songwriting and composition. This area of expertise has allowed Jay to work with an array of artists in genres that span from r&b and gospel to rap/hip-hop and Pop music. He has re-purposed this platform to create spaces of opportunity in which he is able to assist aspiring talent and young professionals through mentorship and skill development. Having worked closely with seasoned industry professionals behind the scenes, Jay has combined his experience and applied it to his latest efforts in his solo music career.

Jay recently released his first single from the upcoming EP. The single is entitled “Falling Tonight” it’s an infusion of soulful melodies paired with contemporary instruments and details a mutual understanding between two people who do not wish to fall in love.



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